Romania: Eco-cars sale went up by 138 percent in 2016, year on year

The Romanians bought last year 1,183 ‘green’ cars (electrical and hybrid) up by 138% against 2015 out of which 167 units being 100% electrical, says the statistics of the Association of Producers and Importers of Automobiles (APIA).

According to the quoted source, at the level of last year,the share of ecological cars in the total sales of new cars, recorded in Romania was 1% while in December 2016 the percentage was 1.3%.

At the same time, in the last month of the previous year, there were sold locally 140 ‘green’cars, dropping by 32.69% as compared to the data gathered in November 2016 when they sold 208 units.

The specialty statistics show that between January – December 2016 the number of electrical and hybrid cars sold in Romania reached 1,183 units, against 496 units the previous year. Within this margin, the trading of electrical cars (BEV,EREV,PHEV) tripled (237%) as compared to 2015, up to 167 units from 46 units.

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