Romania: Electric bicycles trafficking network discovered at Nadlac border crossing point

The police officers at the Nadlac border crossing point have discovered almost 60 electric bikes hidden in a truck loaded with potting soil.

The bikes, which are worth some RON 920,000 (EUR 201,754), were allegedly stolen from Germany, according to a statement from the Romanian Border Police.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, October 11, around 17:00. Two Romanian brothers tried to cross the border with a truck registered in Romania. According to the documents, they were transporting pallets of potting soil from the Netherlands.

However, while checking the truck, the policemen found 58 electric bikes in the truck, for which the two brothers had no documents. Following a more detailed investigation, the police officers found that the bikes had been reported as stolen from Germany.

The two Romanians told the police that they loaded the soil in the truck in the Netherlands. However, during a break in Germany, two other Romanians proposed them to transport the electric bikes with their truck, in exchange for EUR 1,500.





Source: Romanian Border Police statement.

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