Romania, Electrica: Company supplied over 40 percent of national electricity

The Electrica group, leader in the distribution and supply of electricity in Romania announced that they distributed 40% of the electricity at national level and supplied energy to 3.6 million consumers, over 55% of the electricity supplied by the company to the clients on the competition market coming from renewable sources.

The group  launched the report of sustainability for 2016, thus making the first  non-financial report of the company, with one year before the legal term.

Similarly, the value of the taxes  paid by Electrica in 2016 was 1.23 billion lei.

Electrica allocated in 2016 for energy efficiency over 145 milllion lei, representing more than 25% of the investment plan, the most ambitious in the energy sector.

During 2016, out of 1,000 clients, approximately 2 sent a petition to Electrica Furnizare. At the same time, it was reduced with 25%, the average duration for the solution to petitions,  as well the time to issue offers, with 21%.

‘The improvement of energy efficiency of the electricity grids for distribution represents a priority, thus at the level of 2016, almost 20% of the total of investments, 110 million lei respectively, were directed to the modernisation of the electricity in concept smart grid’, the report of the company shows.

Electrica invested last year 47 million lei in the installation of the systems SCADA  (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) to improve the services of distribution and until 2018 they proposed a growth with over 20% of the degree of integration of the stations of transformation on the SCADA platform.




Source: Electrica energy report.

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