Romania: Electricity tariffs for household consumers could drop for the first time

The electric energy tariffs for household consumers might drop for the first time, in order to recover the damage caused by the cartel of distributors, who had exaggerated the prices in recent years, Bogdan Chiriţoiu, president of the Competition Council (CC) said.

“For the first time a public auction organizer, Electrica SA, has been sanctioned because its employees have facilitated the cartel. These agreements have led to additional costs for end consumers, which paid higher electricity bills, and we will work with the Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) to recover the damage,” Bogdan Chiriţoiu said at the conference launching the Competition Council report for 2017.

“We want, for the first time, together with ANRE, to recover the damage caused to the consumers – the companies have transferred these damages to their clients. We talk about years when prices have been exaggerated, basically since the privatization of energy distribution,” the president of the Competition Council said.

According to him, these damages can be recovered by decreasing the distribution tariff in the future. “It’s hard to give compensations for the past, but I believe ANRE can tell the companies that they will not increase the tariff by ‘X’ RON, but they will increase them by ‘X/2’ RONi, because it is to recover a past injury. We’ve recommended ANRE to reduce these tariffs and ANRE has asked us for the support to accurately assess the damage to be recovered,” Bogdan Chiriţoiu added.


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