Romania: Enel will invest 329 million euros in 2017-2018 to further improve service quality

Enel has planned investments for a total of 329 million euros for the current regulatory cycle ending in 2018, of which of over 151 million euros are due for 2017 and 178 million euros for 2018.

Georgios Stassis, Country Manager of Enel in Romania (photo), said: “Enel is a major investor in the Romanian energy sector, committed to all the areas which are an integral part of the its overall strategic focus: grids, customers and renewable energy. As we progress with our investment plan in network service quality, we are boosting grid automation and enhancing communication channels with customers as well as developing the offer of value-added services.”

The company continues its heavy investment programme, which reached over 3 billion euros since it entered the Romanian market. Investments in distribution were 1.584 billion euros during 2005-2016. For 2017, out of the more than 151 million euros that are being allotted for investment in Romania, as many as 139 million euros are aimed at distribution networks. The investment will stand even higher in 2018, at 178 million euros, out of which 168 million euros to improve grid performance.


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