Romania: Energy and gas distribution networks need EUR 10 bln investments

The electricity and gas distribution networks in Romania need investments of over EUR 10 billion, on the long term, for replacing the outdated infrastructure, according to the Association of Energy Utility Companies – ACUE.

“It’s necessary to continue investments in reducing technological losses, streamline operational costs and improve quality indicators so that the performance of these networks reaches Western-Europe levels, to the benefit of end-consumers,” according to ACUE representatives.

Electricity distribution companies have made total investments worth EUR 3 billion in expanding and revamping their networks, in the last ten years. Gas distributors have also invested EUR 1 billion in their networks. This has led to fewer disruptions, lower technological consumption and lower expenses.

As the result, the end-price of electricity for household consumers was 13% lower in Romania than the average in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), at the middle of last year.


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