Romania: The energy exports up close to 60 pct compared with 2016

The minister of energy Toma Petcu says that Romnaia’s energy exports went up close to 60 percent compared with 2016.

“If we analyze the first seven months, and now the eighth that is ending, Romania is a net exporter of electricity. We increased by approximately 60 percent the energy exports compared with 2016, which means very clear that Romania certainly produces more than it consumes. This is because we have the possibility to produce energy from a quite developed energy mix. Indeed this period we had some issues with the weather, as it has been a strong drought we had lower reserves in lakes and on hydro sector we produced less, but we had fuel reserves,” said Petcu.

The minister admits that there’s no interest of the population to change the electricity supplier, regarding the energy market liberalization, but this could bring people cheaper bills.

„,Economically it is an interest, but people are still not convinced that this switch from a traditional firm, that they collaborate for 20-30 years, can be made by third parties that until now didn’t know what they do and didn’t hear of them,” added Petcu.


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