Romania, Energy Minister Anton: We will achieve in due time the obligations assumed in the BRUA project

Romania will achieve in due time its obligations in the BRUA project as this pipeline will be an important part of the major framework of the system for gas transport on the national territory,stated on Monday in the plenary of the Deputies’ chamber at ‘ the government hour’ the minister for energy Anton Anton.

‘I want to say that BRUA is a very important pipeline but which means Bulgaria, Romania,Hungary and Austria. Romania,as its part of the project  has started and if you haven’t seen it,the diggings have started and the pipelines have been placed, I’m sorry. So BRUA is due time Romania will achieve its promises in due time, as Romania has a special interest in this pipeline,which is, will be and will constitute an important part of the major framework of the system  for gas transport in Romania’ Anton said

The BRUA project is a new project on the European corridor of gas transport which will have a total length of 1,18 km and offer a better interconnection between the countries along its length, to support the electricity market allowing new connections with major infrastructure projects, such as the pipeline Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and the pipeline Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline(TANAP) other gas  hubs in Central Europe and future offshore production installations in the Black Sea.


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