Romania, Energy Minister: Romania to align to European standards in its own time, we are not filler of EU

Romania cannot renounce the production of energy based on coal and our thermal power plants will line up in their own time to the environment requirements of the European Union, and not quite as fast as officials in Brussels request, Energy Minister Anton Anton told AGERPRES in an interview.

He showed that the representatives of the European Commission intend to tighten over night the requirements regarding contaminants in thermal power plants and highlighted that he will present Romania’s viewpoint with research and documents, arguing that we are not part of the European Union “for show and as filler.”

“Nobody is stunning us in the energy sector. The issues we have in the energy sector are issues related to the streamlining of the entire system. So I have today a beautiful energy system, a rich country, blessed by God. Take a look at this energy mix [the Minister has his computer open on Transelectrica’s website, the energy system status in real time – ed.n.], we have hydro, we have coal, hydrocarbon, we have gas, biomass, wind, the wind is blowing our heads out at present, we produce a lot of wind (power). The issue I have is for this mix to function well and efficiently. Because it is not the same to have a power plant which is not working properly and which produces still and another one that works properly. Efficient means better turbines, safer hydro-engineering structures, efficient and safe, right?”

Anton Anton says that this year “we will certainly power-up the stations that are ready, around three power stations. This year we are starting works on the BRUA pipeline, which is Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria, a highly important gas pipeline for this region of Europe. Soon we will start works.”

The Energy Minister was saying in the interview that Romania wants to align “to the European policies in their entirety, but allow me to line up in my own time. You cannot tell me: listen you, as of tomorrow you implement something we believe can be done. For sure, I will implement, if you give me all the money, in bulk, I implement tomorrow, although technically that cannot be done, because everyone will have to do this,” he said.

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