Romania, Energy Ministry: Gas price liberalization effective as of April 1, 2017

The liberalization of Romania’s domestic gas market will come into effect on April 1, according to the Government’s Emergency Ordinance No. 64/2016, as there are no technical arguments for the move to be postponed once again, the Energy Ministry informed in a release.

According to the release, following the parliamentary debate on the gas market liberalization beginning April 1, 2017 as per OUG No. 64/2016, but also following the note of the Lower House Committee on Services and Industries regarding the postponement of the liberalization’s coming in force, the Energy Ministry had several discussions with the Government, Parliament and the European Commission.

“We looked at all the observations, and not enough technical arguments have been identified for Romania to postpone again a process that should have been implemented as early as 2007, the year of its EU accession, whereas the postponement carries several risks. I refer, in the first place to the European Commission’s reentering the infringement procedure whereby the Romanian state could be ordered to pay fines, but also to the loss of over 180 million euro for building the BRUA interconnector which is highly necessary to Romania’s natural gas supply,” Energy Minister Toma Petcu said in the release.

He added that fears expressed in public media about household gas prices increasing substantially after liberalization are unjustified.

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