Romania: Energy price on OPCOM stock exchange doubles compared to last Monday

The energy price on spot market of OPCOM stock exchange doubled compared with the last week, reaching this Monday an average of RON 326/MWh, according to the data of the market operator.

The maximum price, RON 570/MWh will be reached this evening between 5-7 PM.

The production of wind energy, that usually decreases the price on the stock exchange, is low this Monday, of 535 MW at 10:30. However, the hydro energy is on the top of the sources, with 2,208 MW, according to the data presented on Transelectrica site.

Thus, on Monday at 10:30 AM, the energy production was 27.98 percent hydro (2,208 MW), 26.03 percent coal (2,054 MW), 17.46 percent nuclear (1,378 MW), 17.18 percent hydrocarbons (1,356 MW), 6.78 percent wind energy (535 MW), 3.97 percent photo voltaic (313 MW), 0.60 percent biomass (47 MW).

The national consume at 10:30 AM was 8,092 MW, higher than production, which reached 7,903. The rest of 190 MW represents energy imports.


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