Romania: Energy prices to increase by 13 pct from January 1, as market is liberalized

The price of electricity for household consumers supplied by universal service will increase as of January 1, in the peak period (18:00h and 22:00h), the prices will be by 13% higher, the OPCOM website informs.

The auctions for Q1 2018 on the Centralized Universal Service Market (PCSU) have been completed on Tuesday and OPCOM has published the final prices.

Thus, for the energy supplied during 1:00h-24:00h, the price will be RON 245 per MWh, by 6.5% higher than in Q4 this year.

The price of electricity for the interval 8:00h – 24:00h will be of RON 272 per MWh, by 7% higher, and for the peak consumption period, i.e. during 18:00h-24:00h, the price will be RON 302 per MWh, up by 13%.

As of January 1, the energy market will be fully liberalized, and the household consumers in previously regulated service will receive energy at the closing prices of the PCSU auctions.

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