Romania: Energy strategy will be discussed at PRIA Energy Conference on April 25

PRIAevents organizes PRIA Energy conference – one of the most complex events in Romania, dedicated to the energy sector that will take place on 25th of April 2017. The event brings together the most important energy leaders, consultants, lawyers, investors, bankers and representatives of media.

In an increasingly globalized economy, the energy strategy of a country is carried out  in the context of developments and changes taking place worldwide. Romania has a wide range, but reduced amount of primary energy resources: oil, natural gas, coal and uranium, as well as a capitalized potential of renewable resources which is relatively modest.

One of the priorities of the energy strategy is to improve the energy efficiency, and also strategies for hydropower, oil and gas and nuclear energy.

During PRIA Energy conference you will benefit from finding Energy news, analysis at a high level, interconnection of activities, new technologies, developments, innovations and investment opportunities.

The Pria Energy Conference will host leaders and visionaries from the energy industry, authorities, the scientific community and the private sector, as well as community leaders who will discuss developing policies, technological issues and advances that impact on global energy resources; Innovative strategic solutions and trends in the energy industry, as well as opportunities designed to create a sustainable future through the management of the environment. At the same time, topics will be debated on the development of these complex interactions that redefine the future of global energy.


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