Romania: Engineers are still on a very high demand in local industry and services fields

The IT component has developed and Romanians have, for a long time now, been recognized as specialists in the engineering field. But even in this post-industrial age, centered on services, technological inventiveness is needed in all fields, and that can only be provided by engineers, as economic analyst Petrisor Peiu, an academic with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest pointed out:

“There is a general need for engineers. Starting out from the requirements of Romania’s economic development, a deficit of 150,000-200,000 engineers is estimated. In order to develop products with a high added value, you need highly skilled people. So, you need engineers in all fields where such products are manufactured, in electronics, electrical engineering, telecommunications, optics or precision mechanics. Even the car-making industry needs other categories of engineers than those operating on the labour market today. In a nutshell, you need people who can produce technology.”

Therefore, there is a big gap between companies’ need and demand and what the labour market can provide, which all human resources specialists have noticed, as Florin Godean, the president of the Romanian Association of Temporary Employment Agency told Romanian International Radio:

“The economy has been on the rise for a few years now and that is why the demand for skilled labour force has been directly linked with this growth. The car making industry has registered one of the highest growth rates in Romania. Therefore, in this field the demand for labour force is high, particularly in cities other than Bucharest, where the demand is mostly for logistics. Besides that, telecommunications engineers are in high demand, in Bucharest in particular.”

Petrisor Peiu believes that  there are other economic sectors that also lack qualified human resources:

“We don’t have engineers able to draw up and carry out highly complex projects in terms of technology and engineering. For instance, overpasses or bridges over the Danube can no longer be built with Romanian resources only. That is why we need foreign companies. We lack specialists able to coordinate and create technology for such complex projects. It is the same with hydro-power dams and the big companies producing thermoelectric and nuclear power. They can no longer be designed and built with domestic labor force.”




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