Romania, Europe: North-West region and Capital Bucharest among the European Top 20 Best-Performing Cities and Regions

The North-West region from Romania ranks fifth in the Milken Institute’s inaugural Best-Performing Cities Europe index released on Monday. The Top-20 also includes Bucharest.

The Milken Institute syrvey demonstrates impact of policymaking on jobs, wages, manufacturing, and other measures in European cities, while providing a way to measure which European regions offer the greatest opportunities for prosperity across the continent. The ranking measures metropolitan areas’ economic performance using outcomes-based metrics including job creation, wage gains, manufacturing, and skilled service industry concentration.

The North-West region of Romania ranks fifth, while the Romanian Capital, Bucharest has grabbed the 16th position.

Inner London-East is Europe’s Best-Performing Cities, while Stockholm ranked a close second. Budapest, which has been creating new jobs at an unparalleled pace, came in third. Overall, five U.K. cities/regions ranked in the top-20 while four were in Poland.


Read more about this statistic here, on The Romania Journal.


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