Romania: ExxonMobil bought from Halcrow Romania services of over 5.5million euro for the project Neptun of the Black Sea

The Americans from ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Romania Limited Nassau (Bahamas) the Bucuresti branch offered to the British from Halcrow Romania a contract of 5.54 million euro, without VAT which aims among other things to the acquisition of services for the evaluation of the impact on the environment for the Neptun project of the Black Sea according to an announcement published on Saturday on the SEAP (the Electronic System of Public Acquisitions).

The American giant ExxonMobil, the biggest oil company in the world listed on the stock exchange is the global leader in the production of marine hydrocarbures and joined OMV Petrom in 2008 in the project for the activities of exploration in the Neptun area – Neptun Deep of the Black Sea.

The former general manager of the group OMV Petrom Mariana Gheorghe announced in February that the group analyses all options for the putting to value of the gas in the Neptun Deep of the Black Sea, taking into consideration export included. She mentioned that the negotiations are independent from his business partner in this  project, the American giant ExxonMobil.

In May, Transgaz, the operator of the national system of transport of natural gas announced that they finalised the procedure for the testing of the request on the part of the potential buyers of natural gas which would be extracted from the offshore Neptun Deep in the Black Sea.

The contract was initially estimated at 8.11 million euro without VAT but the final value dropped to 5.54million euro. The part in the contract which could be sub-contracted is 44%.

In the contract, there are included services of drawing up of studies of environment and the necessary documents for the apps for the authorities necessary for the project, according to the announcement.


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