Romania, Finance Ministry: Promises were made in Brussels not to exceed budget deficit by more than 3% of the GDP

Finance minister Ionut Misa announced in Brussels, at the Economic and Financial Business Council that Romania “promises to take necessary measures not to exceed budget deficit of 3% of GDP”.

Ionut Misa participated in the extended Eurogroup meeting and the reunion of the EU Economic and Financial Business Council (ECOFIN) over December 4-5, 2017, held in Brussels.

“About the recommendation received by Romania, Ionut Misa showed that Romania promises to take measured not to exceed a budget deficit of 3% of GDP”, the press release issued by the Finance Ministry on Tuesday shows.

“Referring to 2017, the Romanian official mentioned that the EC autumn prognosis confirms the engagement made by Romania’s government to remain in the preventive arm of the Stability and Growth Pact. For 2018, the draft budget suggested to maintain budget deficit below 3% and Romania intends to take measures to reduce structural deficit at the same time with implementing reforms included in the Governing Programme,” the press release points out.




Source: Finance Ministry press release.

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