Romania: Former Energy Minister Constantin Nita was accused of bribery

Businessman Tiberiu Urdareanu gave a statement to the supreme court in which he spoke about the commissions he claims he would have paid to the former Romanian Energy Minister, Constantin Niţă, according to local media.

In this case, the former minister was found guilty in a first instance of traffic of influence and sentenced to four years in prison. He denied all the charges.

Urdareanu said that in an attempt to win an auction organized by the Iasi City Hall, linked to an extremely profitable contract, commissions would have been charged.

The contract was estimated at about 60 million lei and aimed at an integrated road traffic management system.

Urdareanu said he had been asked to pay 5% of the contract to former Energy Minister Constantin Niţă, who would have arranged a meeting with former Mayor of Iasi, Gheorghe Nechita.

Urdareanu also said that these 5% should have been paid in 2 variants. On the one hand, in the form of a consultancy contract, which provided for a monthly payment of EUR 5000 plus VAT.

Another EUR 30.000 were given in an envelope to Nita, in a restaurant in the middle of Bucharest.


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