Romania, ForMin Melescanu: Kazahstan is the most important economic partner of Romania in Central Asia

Kazahstan is the most important economic partner of Romania in Central Asia and energy is the main pillar of the economic relations between the two countries, stated on Friday the Romanian minister of foreign affairs, Teodor Melescanu, after the meeting with his Kazahstan counterpart, Kairat Abdrakhmanov.

‘The energy is the main pillar of our economic relations. The energy is the key to any modern economy, while diversification – the basis for stable and durable development. Otherwise, less vulnerability  on foreign markets, external shocks, Kazahstan is the most important economic partner of Romania in Central Asia has a special status from the point of view of human interaction, of the connection between our peoples and our interest in getting to know one another better and our culture and tradition.  Our approach regarding connectivity and international transport of goods are similar and inclusive and by their position, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea represent bridges between Europe and Asia’ said Melescanu.

According  to him, there are places ‘ to be explored’ in the energy sector, but in a variety of domains, such as IT, SMEs, research-development, transport and agriculture.

In his turn, the minister of foreign affairs of the Republic of Kazahstan Kairat Abdrakhmanov stated that the Kazah party expressed their interest in participation to Romanian business.

‘We invited friends from Romania to invest in our country, we welcome the activity of the Commission Romanian-Kazah, tehnical – scientific cooperation and our next meeting will take place on 4 October in Bucharest. With my colleagues of Romania  we have established to develop the cultural and educational exchange which are very important for us. I would like to prioritise the development of relations with Romania and it is one of the most important partners of ours in Eastern Europe and the Balkans’ stated the Kazah minister of foreign affairs.

The minister of foreign affairs Teodor Melescanu was between 27-28 July on a visit to the Republic of Kazahstan for the participation to the Romanian Day during the international exhibition ‘EXPO 2017 Astana Future Energy’ and for celebrating 25 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. This was the first bilateral visit of a Romanian minister of foreign affairs after a period of almost 9 years.


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