Romania: Fuel prices rank 4th to 6th lowest in the EU

The average price for a liter of regular unleaded gasoline in Romania stood at EUR 1.12 at the beginning of this week, the fourth lowest among the 28 European Union member states, according to a survey by, which tracks prices in almost 200 countries.

Of the three EU member states with lower prices than Romania, Bulgaria was the cheapest at EUR 1.04/liter, followed by Lithuania at EUR 1.06 and Poland at EUR 1.09. The prices were last updated on March 12.

In Europe, but outside the EU, the lowest prices for gasoline are found in Belarus (EUR 0.54/liter), Russia (EUR 0.58), Moldova (EUR 0.87) and Ukraine (EUR 0.90), Romania being the 11th cheapest on the continent.

Romania’s diesel prices rank sixth in EU, averaging EUR 1.13/liter on March 12. Among the EU member states, the average price in Romania ranks higher than Lithuania (EUR 1.01), Luxembourg (EUR 1.01), Bulgaria (EUR 1.04), Poland (EUR 1.07) and Austria (EUR 1.12).


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