Romania: A gas pipeline between Romania and Serbia on the relation Arad-Mokrin could be finalised in 2026

Romania has in view to sign an agreement memorandum with Serbia for the construction  of a interconnecting pipeline between Arad and  Mokrin with the length of 80 km to grow the degree of energy security in the region, shows an Action Plan regarding the measures for the guarantee of the safety of natural gas supply, published by the ministry of energy.

‘The analysed variant for gas export to Serbia is to take over the natural gas from the future pipeline BRUA (phase I,II and III).The closest point of the pipeline BRUA to the border between Romania and Serbia is Mokrin,  the Arad area’ the plan shows.

The interconnection of the national transport system for natural gas with the similar transport of natural gas from Serbia’ implies the building of a pipeline for the interconnection of the national system of natural gas transport with the similar system of natural gas transport from Serbia on the direction Arad-Mokrin with the length of approximately 80 km.

From the total length of the new interconnecting pipeline between the two points, almost 74 km will be on the territory of Romania and 6 km on the territory of Serbia. At the same time, the project includes the construction of a gas measurement station which could be place on the territory of Romania or Serbia. The finalising date is 2026.

The  total estimated value of the investment is 43 milion euro out of which 37 million  euro the pipeline on the territory of Romania, 3 million euro the pipeline on the territory of Serbia and 3 million euro for gas measurement, either on the territory of Romania or Serbia.


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