Romania: Gas prices to grow significantly in the winter due to oil quotations

The gas price on the Romanian market, both domestic and imported, will increase significantly in the following winter duet o higher oil quotations.

”In Romania, the price of imported gas is related to crude oil prices, which have grown a lot lately, so we expect the winter price to rise significantly, that’s clear. Gas import will also have an impact in the final price,” Frank Hajdinjak, General Manager of E.ON Romania said in a press conference on Thursday.

Moreover, according to him, since there is no real competition on the market, being only two domestic producers, ”there is a high risk that the domestic production price, including the storage tariff will reach the import price level.

He showed that, already last winter, the price of imported gas was 20 percent higher than in the previous winter, due to the increase in oil quotations.


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