Romania: Gas producers reject accusations of raising prices without justification

The Romanian Association of Petroleum Exploration and Production Companies (ROPEPCA) expressed concerns about the “harsh and unjustified” accusations brought more and more frequently in the public space against Romanian natural gas producers, alleging that they are incorrectly paying royalties on natural gas.

The association’s members say that these allegations lack any real substance and they can only be explained by the accusers having insufficient information about the process of calculating royalties.

The association cites the “Technical instructions related to the takeover and exploitation of petroleum quantities representing royalties”, as per an ANRM order, which states that production value is determined by considering the prices used by the concession holders to exploit their petroleum quantities, which may not be lower than the reference process established and communicated quarterly by ANRM.

“We emphasise that the Romanian petroleum industry strictly followed the instructions received by ANMR and fulfilled the obligation to pay royalties, by applying the maximum between the reference price set by ANRM and the selling price, according to the legislation,” says Harald Kraft, ROPEPCA president.


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