Romania: GDP in Q1 1.6 percent higher than the one in Q2

Romania’s GDP was up 5.8 pct in unadjusted terms in H1 2017 from the same period of the year before, the National Statistics Institute (INS) said in release this Wednesday.

As seasonally adjusted series, the economic growth was 5.7 pct.

In a YoY comparison, the economic growth in Q2 2017 was 5.9 pct up in unadjusted terms and 5.7 pct higher in seasonally adjusted terms, respectively.

In seasonally adjusted terms the GDP was 1.6 pct higher in Q2 compared to the previous quarter.

“Following the revision of the estimated GDP for Q2 2017 in the quarterly estimates, the seasonally adjusted series was recalculated with the volume indices revised from the second provisional version of the GDP for Q1 2017, as published in the release of July 7, 2017. Consequently, the results of Q1 2017 as referenced to Q4 2016 have been revised from 101.7 pct to 101.8 pct,” the cited source said.

Romania is on a positive trend that we want to maintain, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose says, referring to the information issued on Wednesday by the National Institute of Statistics.




Source: INS.

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