Romania: Government raises incentives for electric car buyers

In a bid to help reduce the country’s growing air pollution problems, the government of Romania has reportedly doubled the incentives on offer for buyers of plug-in electric vehicles.

Following the changes — creating the “Rabla Plus” program out of the earlier “Rabla” program — the government in the country is now offering up to €11,000 towards the purchase of new plug-in electric vehicles (EVs).

The earlier Rabla program provided EV buyers with as much as €5,000 in incentives, which was itself building on an earlier incentives program offering EV buyers up to €3,700 in incentives.

The new Rabla Plus incentives program is slated to run until 2019. The new program will also provide buyers of non-plug-in hybrids with up to €1,450 in incentives.

n related news, the government of Romania has also now expanded the country’s “cash-for-clunkers” program to incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles following the turning in of old, heavily polluting vehicles.



Source: CleanTechnica.


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