Romania: Gov’t intends to introduce a stamp tax for water

Mineral waters will be brought under regulation separately from the law on mines, according to a draft law under public debate. According to, the current Cabinet intends to introduce a stamp tax on water, so the bottles of water will have to be stamped, just like cigarettes or alcohol. In other words, putting a stamp on water will actually lead to a higher final shelf price.

The future law will increase prospecting and exploitation taxes by 34%, while the annual tax on the exploitation surface will be up by 67%.

Moreover, producers will be compelled to ask for the authorization again, by new rules, within deadlines said to be too short.

Some producers complained that they would not be able to support all these technological expenses and that they would be forced to close down their business, while others that will stay on the market will have to up the water price and the final consumer will be the most affected.


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