Romania: Half of the people would like to heat their house with solar energy

The use of solar energy as main source of heating the house is in the preferences of 49% of the Romanians, who consider that thus they would contribute to the protection of the environment shos a study made in eight European countries.

The possible change to a system of heating with solar energy, indicated as ideal would mean radical transformation in a country as Romania where, according to the study mentioned, the majority of the houses are heated with gas units or they are dependent on the central heating system. Only 1% of those who answered showed that, at present, they use solar energy to heat the house and only 1% mentioned that they developed systems based on geothermal power, a press release of E.ON Romania shows.

Solar energy is indicated as ideal variant for heating the houses by the interviewed ones from other countries. The Italians and the Hungarians are the most favoured to this resource, 60% of the interviewed ones showing that they would choose without any reserve such a system of heating. The least interested by heat from the sun are the British. Only 38% would like to heat their houses on the basis of solar power, and other 36% would rather heat on the basis of natural gas.

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