Romania: Industrial production prices up 2.6 pct in January 2017, compared to first month of 2016

Industrial production prices increased in January by 2.6 percent, on the domestic market compared to the same month of 2016, the data of the National Institute of Statistics (INS), published on Thursday reveals.

According to the quoted source, compared to the last month of the previous year, in January 2017 the overall industrial production prices (domestic and foreign market) went up by 1 percent.

On the sidelines of these increases y-o-y, the extractive industry recorded a 5.1 percent jump, and the manufacturing industry a 3.1 percent rise, while the production for the distribution and supply of electric and thermal energy, gas, hot water and air conditioning recorded a 0.4 percent positive trend.

On the other hand, in the area of water distribution, sanitation, waste management, decontamination activities, industrial production prices dropped in January 2017 by 0.8 percent compared to the first month of 2016.

The INS mentions that the data valid for 2016 is revised, while the data for January 2017 is provisional.

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