Romania: International educational and networking events about sustainable buildings

The City of Green Buildings Association (TCOGB), organized two complementary international educational and networking events, The City of Green Buildings Academy 2017, from 17th July to 2nd of August and The City of Green Buildings Conference 2017, on the 1st of August. Both took place in Cluj Napoca. Their aim was to educate, raise awareness and debate about the concept of green and sustainable buildings.

The summer school, The City of Green Buildings Academy 2017, reached its third edition this year and managed to bring together 20 participants, students and young professionals in the construction industry, from three different continents, America, Africa and Europe. The educational program`s focus was to answer the question “How to turn your building project into a brand?” and it succeeded in doing so by two weeks of working closely with lecturers and professionals from the construction industry, site visits, a Guerrilla Lighting event and the preparation of a presentation on how they would turn an old building project from Cluj Napoca into a greener and more sustainable one. The participants held their presentations during the conference in front of over one hundred international professionals in the field of sustainability.

The City of Green Buildings Conference 2017, during its third edition, succeeded in involving over one hundred professionals and stakeholders in debating the green buildings concept and take into discussion “How to turn your building project into a brand”. The complexity of the subject was unfolded by the industry experts: Șerban Țigănaș, Ion Cîmpeanu, Silviu Bulzan, Dorin Beu and Matius Ichim, as keynote speakers and by the participants at the Academy, through their presentations. A few insights from the conference, as stated by Șerban Țigănaș, the President of the Romanian Order of Architects are: ”only good architecture is sustainable; architecture is very much about replacement, substitution; design with relevance; build responsible; the value of architecture is the brand.”

Both the 2017 Academy and Conference could not take place without the support of the sponsors and supporters E.ON, PHILIPS, TESTO, HOLCIM, OVO DESIGN and our media partners.

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