Romania: Less electricity produced in 2017 compared to 2016 and 2015

In 2017, Romania produced 63.6 terawatt per hour, by 2 percent less than in 2016 and by 2.4% less than in 2015, reads a report by British Petroleum (BP).

The largest electricity productions in Europe were provided by Germany (654.2 terawatt / hour), France (554.1 terawatt/hour) and Great Britain (335.09 terawatt). Large productions in Europe were also supplied by Italy (295.5 terawatt), Turkey (295.5 terawatt) and Spain (275.4 terawatt).

Globally, China ranks first (6495 terawatt / hour), USA come second, with 4281.8 terawatt and India third, with1497 terawatt.

The most used electricity source in Europe was nuclear energy, with coal coming second and natural gas third.


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