Romania: Magurele laser to have a EUR 70 M Scientific Park

A science park is going to be built next to Magurele laser, where the authorities will invest EUR 70 million, the feasibility study to be completed by 2019, the representatives of the Ilfov County Council announced on Tuesday, informs.

“Developing the cutting-edge Scientific Park of national and international importance will allow the convergence of the most competitive sectors of Romanian research, innovative entrepreneurship respectively, starting with the European ELI-NP impact project. It will contribute to the development of a location and an attractive ecosystem for knowledge-based national and international institutions and companies and, consequently, it will have important contributions to economic development at regional and national level,” Marian Petrache, president of the Ilfov County Council, stated.

More exactly, laser’s researches and experiments will be transformed into results accessible to society, so that they can be exploited and put into practice.

Ilfov County Council has already identified a former military base, on which the park can be built, but for this, the Romanian Government, in whose administration it is, needs to give up that land.

To begin the park construction, Ilfov County Council already has about EUR 15 million from its own budget, and the difference of up to EUR 70 million will come from other sources, most likely as state aid.

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