Romania, Ministry of Economy: Until now there have been invested 30% of the parts which could have uranium sources

Radioactiv Mineral Magurele, the only company for geological research of the state, estimates that the potential for uranium resources where so long has been invested in, reached almost 30% announced on Friday the ministry of economy following the meeting with the representatives of the ministry and the leadership of the society.

The Radioactiv company  administers the parts of geological exploration of rare materials and radioactive ones and stocks the  national geological fund.

‘The representatives of Radioactiv Mineral reiterated the proposal to reorganise the company as a company of general economic interest and to revitalise the geological research for uranium. In Romania through the National Geological Programme (PGN) measure included in the governing programme of 2017- 2020 , shows a press release published on Friday on the site of the ministry of economy.

The executive approved in July the draft law regarding PGN.

Radioactiv Mineral identifies resources of uranium with economic potential through operations of prospection and exploration.

The society of strategic importance for the national economy  activates through two programmes through the ministry of economy: geological research and the closing down of the mines.

‘The representatives of the ministry expressed their wish that Radioactiv Mineral take part with their own solutions and be integrated and financed through PGN. According to the project, the financing of PGN will be ensured through  the state budget, the ministry of economy’ the press release says.


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