Romania, Ministry of Economy: Transgaz kicks off BRUA pipeline construction

National gas transmission company Transgaz announces having kicked off on Monday the construction of the BRUA pipeline, a project of national interest, namely Phase I, according to a press release by the Ministry of Economy.

Transgaz is building the infrastructure on Romania’s territory, from the Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria corridor, Phase 1 (BRUA – Phase I) – project backed by the European Commission, important at a national and regional level, due to the fact that it diversifies gas sources.

The BRUA Phase 1 project includes the construction of the Podisor-Recas natural gas transmission pipeline, 479-kilometer long, with a diameter of 32 “(Dn 800) and a design pressure of 63 bar.The estimated total value for Phase I is of 478.6 million euro.

Within the BRUA Phase 1, Transgaz has already been working, since April 14, on the three compression stations, from Podisor, Jupa and Bibesti, where 40 percent of eligible expenses are covered by the European Union, through a grant worth 179.3 million Euro.

Economy Minister Danut Andrusca declared himself satisfied of the way Transgaz has managed until now the works for the BRUA project and underlined the importance of keeping to the timetable of the works.

Transgaz CEO Ion Sterian stated, in his turn, that the national gas transporter has the necessary resources and capacity to finalize the BRUA project, in compliance with the financial commitments and the time frame.

“We are rigorously monitoring both the works (…) at the pipeline and at the compression stations. We are in permanent contact with contractors in order to ensure that all works are on schedule and that they fulfill the necessary quality and safety standards. The BRUA segment on Romania’s territory will allow us to cash in important sums of money from transport and transit tariffs,” Ion Sterian, Transgaz CEO, stated.


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