Romania: A modern center for fuel quality testing, in Petrobrazi

The most important crude oil and gas producer in the South East Europe – OMV Petrom, announced performed investments of approx. EUR 5 million for modernizing the fuel testing center. The center is located at the entrance in the Petrobrazi refinery, in Prahova County.

According to a press release issued by OMV Petrom, since June 14, 2017, the company – the most important crude oil and gas producer in the South East Europe -, announced the inauguration of a modern analysis center for the fuel quality control at the Petrobrazi refinery. Modernizing the analysis center located at the entrance in the Petrobrazi refinery required approx. EUR 5 million, including for relocating the laboratory equipment from the old building. The new analysis center has three laboratories for oil products, to which another one for water-environment is added.

The most important fuel quality parameters are tested permanently at the analysis center at the Petrobrazi refinery; we mention that, in order to guarantee the OMV Petrom fuel quality, around 150,000 analyses are annually performed. “Gasoline and diesel fuel are actually mixtures formed by hundreds of types of hydrocarbs and dozens of other compounds, according to precise recipes. Frtunately, Romania as no problems with the fuel quality, and each customer that enters into the OMV or Petrom gas stations knows he can trust our fuels.

However, to achieve this quality level, there’s a lot of work behind, there are investments of billions of euros and laboratories, like this one, in which thousands of analyses are performed to check the products leaving the refinery” stated Neil Anthony Morgan, a member of the OMV Petrom Board of Directors, in charge with the Downstream Oil activity, according to the press release. It was pointed out that within the laboratories, even the most important parameters of the fuels, such as the octane figure of the gasoline, respectively the cetane figure of the diesel fuel, are checked. These parameters actually indicate the power that the fuels sent to the engine.

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