Romania: MOL ups sales of diesel and gasoline in 2016

MOL Romania, the local subsidiary of Hungarian oil group MOL, increased its diesel sales by 13.5% last year compared to 2015, whereas the sales of gasoline rose by 10%, according to the group’s financial report, released yesterday in Budapest.

At group level, MOL recorded an operating result of USD 2.15 billion and a net profit of USD 941 million.

The group’s oil production increased by 6% last year to 112,000 boe per day. The extra quantity came from the onshore perimeters in Central and Eastern Europe, where the production reached the highest level since 2012, Pakistan, UK, and the Baitugan field of Russia.

MOL has operations in more than 40 countries, around 25,000 employees worldwide, and more than 100 years of experience in the industry. The group has a network of about 2,000 gas stations in Central and South Eastern Europe, including over 200 in Romania.

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