Romania, Moldova Republic: Privatisation contract of Vestmoldtransgaz was signed in Chisinau

The privatization contract of the Vestmoldtransgaz gas carrier from the Republic of Moldova was signed on Wednesday in Chisinau.

The National Gas Transmission Company Transgaz announced in February that the Public Property Agency subordinated to the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova has announced the award of the investment privatization contest of the Moldovan state-owned company Vestmoldtransgaz as a unique patrimony complex by Eurotransgaz in Chisinau.

Transgaz is the first Romanian state company to expand in the region.

On December 28, 2017, Eurotransgaz SRL, a company established in Chisinau having as sole Transgaz associate, submitted an engagement offer for the full acquisition of Vestmoldtransgaz.

Vestmoldtransgaz’s privatization contract was signed on Wednesday in Chisinau in the presence of Romanian Economy Minister Danuţ Andruşca and his counterpart in Moldova, Chiril Gaburici.

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