Romania, Moldova Republic: Moldovan Pro-European track to be supported by Romanian Government for projects with economic impact

Premier Mihai Tudose said on Friday that his visit to Chisinau on the same day is a “symbolic visit”, pledging Romania’s firm commitment to supporting the pro-European track of the Republic of Moldova.

“It’s a symbolic visit asserting the firm commitment as regards Romania’s intentions towards Moldova, for the continuation of our demarches to support Moldova’s track towards the European Union, its pro-European track. In the past two years this track proved to be a success. I’ve seen a set of popularity indicators, or — if you want — of trust in public institutions. Two years ago all of them were between 7 and 10 — 11 percent, be they for Parliament, government or justice. Things have changed now and the reforms started by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and which are being carried out under very good conditions have yielded results,” Premier Mihai Tudose told the national public channel at the end of his visit to Chisinau.

With regard to bilateral cooperation on projects with economic impact and critical infrastructure, the Premier mentioned that the completion of the Iasi — Ungheni — Chisinau gas pipeline is now defined by clear deadlines and stages.

“Whereas Moldova is clearly headed for the West, for the European Union, connecting the systems that are vital to any country — energy, gas and electricity systems — to the rest of Europe is obviously a must. (…),” the PM added.




Source: TVR 1.

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