Romania, Moldova Republic: PM Dancila visits Chisinau focusing on Romanian exports and investments

Romania is the main partner of the Republic of Moldova in trade exchanges and also the top investor in this country, said Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip, who had a meeting with the Romanian Prime Minister, Viorica Dancila, with whom he “evaluated commercial-economic cooperation” between the two states.

“You all know that the Republic of Moldova has increased its exports to the European Union market and accounted for shares of more than 65 per cent, but at the same time we must say the most significant exchanges were with Romania. Last year, we reached 1.3 billion dollars in trade exchanges with Romania, which is our top investor, and not just in terms of trade exchanges, but also of investments. Companies running on Romanian capital are the most numerous when we talk of foreign capital in Moldova,” said the Moldovan head of the Executive.

He voiced his satisfaction over the Banca Transilvania’s entering the market in the Republic of Moldova, by becoming shareholder of Victoriabank.

“The entry of the Banca Transilvania in the Republic of Moldova shouldn’t be regarded as a simple investment or a simple acquisition of a share package,” the Moldovan PM commented.




Source: Romanian PM official press conference.


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