Romania: MOL’s diesel retail sales, up by 10 pc in 2017

Last year, MOL Romania, the local branch of Hungarian MOL Group, registered increasing diesel retail sales by 10 percent comparing to 2016, according to the financial results announced. At the same time, gasoline sales were stable, as a press release informs.

At group level, MOL posts the highest profit in a decade in 2017. Budapest-based company increased its EBITDA by 14 percent comfortably outperforming its 2017 target on the back of a strong financial and operational delivery of all business segments.

”I am glad to say that 2017 was another year of delivering strong financial results, but equally important it was also a year of visible progress along our transformation journey set out in the MOL 2030 strategy. (…) We are also expecting to deliver around USD 2.2bn EBITDA this year, which will allow us to fund our transformational projects as well as the rising dividends to our shareholders,” Zsolt Hernádi, MOL Group Chairman-CEO, commented on the results.

Upstream delivered USD 854 mn EBITDA, a 26 percent increase in comparison with 2016 arising from higher Brent and gas prices. Downstream once again posted strong results and remained the main earnings contributor delivering almost half of the Group’s Clean CCS EBITDA at USD 1.18 bn.


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