Romania: National energy consumption exceeded 9,000 MW Monday morning, 10pc supplied from imports

The national electricity consumption exceeded the 9,000 MW level Monday morning, up from 8,000-8,500 MW so far since the beginning of winter, and energy imports represented 10% of the domestic demand, according to the figures on the real-time national energy system status, presented on the Transelectrica website.

Thus, at 10:50h, the power consumption was of 9,069 MW, rising continuously during the morning. National energy production was of 8,202 MW at that time, and imports grew to 866 MW.

The production was supplied from: 30.05% coal – 2,469 MW, 28.84% hydro – 2,369 MW, 19.54% hydrocarbons – 1,605 MW, 16.51% nuclear – 1,356 MW, 2.23% wind – 183 MW, photovoltaic 2.13% – 175 MW, 0.71% biomass – 58 MW.

Last year, in mid-January, the energy consumption reached the absolute record of almost 10,000 MW due to extremely low temperatures.

The energy price on OPCOM’s spot platform on January 15, 2018, is at normal levels, with a peak of RON 274 per MWh, lower as compared to the price records of over RON 600 per MWh recorded last year in the same period.


The National Energy Dispatch Centre has considered that this winter we will have a similar situation to last winter.


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