Romania: Netherlands want to reach renewables target with huge Romania project

Dutch–registered company Nero Renewable is planning a 1,000 MW renewable project in Romania, in two large wind parks, which would make it the largest such project in Romania, local reported.

Romania already has 4,000 MW of renewable energy projects installed.

The Dutch company, whose name is a short for Netherlands – Romania, plans to install 362 wind turbines in Buzau and Dobrogea areas. Once finalized, the two projects would produce 3 TWh of electricity, or 5% of Romania’s national production.

The Netherlands is trying to achieve its 2020 renewable energy target set by the European Union, and it can do so by transferring and supporting renewable energy production in another country. Romania has already achieved its target in 2015, when 24.7% of the energy production came from renewable sources, above the 24% target. The Netherlands needs to achieve a 14% target by 2020, and 23.9% by 2030.

Supporting the two projects in Romania would allow the Netherlands to achieve its target, as they stand for 2.6% of its national energy production. However, little has been revealed about the Dutch projects in Romania, and the electricity grid operator in Romania Transelectrica knows nothing about it.

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