Romania: New car registrations in January has the highest growth rate in Europe

Romania’s car market went up 66.4% in January, with some 12,000 new cars registered, the highest growth rate in Europe, according to the European Carmakers Association, ACEA.

The European market too grew twice as fast in January than throughout the whole 2017: 6.8% up in January, after 3.3% increase in 2017. After Romania, the second-highest growth came from Spain, 20.3%, followed by Germany – 11.6%, Italy – 3.4% and France – 2.5%. UK was the only market on a downwards trend, for the tenth month in a row.

January is usually a good month for car sales, as people decide for a purchase after putting off such acquisitions at the end of the previous year.


Source: ACEA report.


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