Romania: New scientific tests skeduled at the Magurele research center

In Măgurele, near Bucharest, tests will start soon on the future high-power laser system called Extreme Light Infrastructure measuring 10 petawatts, a petwatt amounting to 10 multiplied by 15 watts. In a show that Radio Romania produced for the first time at the Horia Hulubei” Physics and Engineering Institute, the institute’s director, Nicolae Zamfir, estimated that experiments could start in January 2019. Until then, they will be working on mounting the equipment and setting up the team of specialists.

Nicole Zamfir said during the interview: “We are now in the second stage of the project. In the first stage we had to find the premises and a building for the laser facility. In the second stage we are starting to mount the big-size equipment, the high-power laser system and the Gama system and we will also make arrangements for experiments. In the third stage we will test the equipment, set it in operation to get ready for the operation stage”.

A team of experts from all over the world, that are fascinated by the possibilities offered by science, will be set up. Many international experts have already confirmed participation in the Măgurele team.



Read more about this new project called Extreme Light Infrastructure on RRI.

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