Romania, NGO: Over 100,000 birds die yearly because of overhead power lines

Over 100,000 birds die each year in Romania because of the medium and high voltage overhead power lines, the Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR) said, quoted by Agerpres. Many of the birds belong to large, valuable species.

The SOR estimates are based on European studies that show a mortality of 0.6 birds per post and on local research.

“The biggest issue from a biodiversity point of view is that the species that are victims of electrocution are valuable ones, storks and predatory birds,” Sebastian Bugariu, a biologist with SOR, explained.

He gave the example of 36 storks that were found dead in one day, in August of this year, in Brasov. The birds died because of electrocution. Another case, this time of collision with power lines, happened in Calarasi county in October, where 12 pelicans were found dead.

Bugariu said a database is needed to help with prioritizing the areas where measures need to be taken to diminish the drop in the bird population because of electrocution or collision with power lines.


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