Romania: OMV CEO presents new strategy for Petrom to Romanian president

Austrian group OMV plans to increase the international profile of Romanian group OMV Petrom as part of its new development strategy the OMV CEO Reiner Seele presented to Romanian president Klaus Iohannis.

“The OMV management presented the company’s development strategy, which includes increasing Petrom’s internationalization degree, to better capitalize on the opportunities in the region, as well as a substantial increase in investments starting this year,” reads a press release issued by the Romanian Presidency.

The OMV CEO’s meeting with the Romanian president took place on the same day that the Austrian group named a new CEO at OMV Petrom. Brit Christina Vercherea, a former BP executive, will replace Romanian Mariana Gheorghe, who has led the company in the past 12 years.

In his meeting with Iohannis, the OMV boss also spoke of the need for a predictable fiscal and legislative framework. The two also talked about the gas exploitation project OMV Petrom and U.S. group ExxonMobil are running in the Romanian Black Sea perimeter Neptun Deep. The project is one of great interest for the Romanian state and the investors.


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