Romania: Photovoltaic power output exceeds Cernavoda nuclear plant reactor’s capacity Tuesday at noon

The sunny weather of the last days has caused a significant increase in the photovoltaic power output, having exceeded on Tuesday at noon the power of a nuclear reactor at the Cernavoda nuclear-power plant, according to data on the state of Romania’s national power grid posted on the Transelectrica website.

Thus, at 13:20hrs on Tuesday, the power generated by photovoltaic panels stood on the third place, with 800 MW, representing 12 percent of the total. For comparison, a reactor at the Cernavoda plant can generate up to 700-MW power.

The national energy production at the time mentioned above was as follows: 42.98 percent hydro – 2,848 MW, 21.31 percent; nuclear – 1,412 MW, 12.07 percent; sun power – 800 MW, 12.06 percent; coal – 799 MW, 8.99 percent; hydrocarbons – 596 MW, 2.23 percent; wind – 148 MW, 0.35 percent; biomass – 23 MW. The total output was 6,598 MW, against a consumption of 6,565 MW, with the difference being exported.

Photovoltaic panels generated a production of more than 700 MW between 11:00hrs and 15:00hrs on Monday as well.

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