Romania, President Iohannis: ‘I don’t believe that anyone should worry about new liquefied gas offering’

President Klaus Iohannis said that as far as energy security is concerned, countries must benefit from all energy offerings, US liquefied gas included.

“In my opinion, we must be very realistic and think about our economies in the first place. If we wish to have energy security, we must have energy availability, that is we must benefit from all energy offerings and thus obtain in the end very good conditions for our economies; I don’t believe anyone should worry about this new liquefied gas offering. If price and delivery terms are good and within our norms, then that is an extra source. And the discussion is older in the EU, as a great part of the EU, not necessarily Romania, depends very much on Russian gas. If this dependency could decrease through a different offering (…) then everyone stands to win. The more the offerings, the more the advantages to consumers,” Iohannis said, asked if the new US liquefied gas offering contradicts Germany’s proposals regarding the Stream II North Corridor.

He said that there is also talk of a North-South infrastructure corridor.

“We have discussed it. It is, among others, a project that mustn’t only be mentioned in theory; at some point it must be materialised. Today, if someone, for instance, wants to carry freight from Romania to Poland, as we have increasingly more economic ties, we instantly realise that it isn’t easy at all, and this is not only a North-South road corridor that must connect the Baltic countries to the south of the continent; we are talking about the same manner and the same connections on railways, for instance,” said Iohannis.

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