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Romania: President Iohannis expresses the need of a strong Government

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis addressed the Parliament on Tuesday saying that he had no intention to overturn the result of the December 11 parliamentary elections and that early elections were not the solution to solve the current social tensions caused by the Government’s recent decisions on justice.

However, he said that the Government’s decision to repeal the emergency ordinance that was supposed to weaken the fight against corruption in Romania, and the deferred resignation of the minister who supported that bill, were “certainly too little.”

He asked the Social Democratic Party (PSD) to fix the situation that they created by trying to pass a legislation that solved a couple of politicians’ legal problems, using the Government as a tool for that. He also said that Romania needs a strong Government that does its job transparently and predictably, and that the people who are at the helm of the state’s institutions should be integer.

He also congratulated the people who got to the streets and even brought their children to Bucharest’s Victoriei Square, to defend democracy in Romania.

This was the President’s first speech after the massive protests in Romania last week, caused by an emergency ordinance adopted by the PSD-ALDE Government led by Sorin Grindeanu on Tuesday evening, which changed the Criminal Code and weakened the fight against corruption. The Government repealed the ordinance on Sunday and made an appeal to unity.




Source: Presidential statement in the Parliament.