Romania: President Iohannis focuses attention on the business environment, as a must do for 2018

President Klaus Iohannis said, during an official reception that he will draw the attention of the future government not to endanger the fiscal sustainability through “imprudent policies and hazardous measures” and announced that he will have talks with the Romanian Government in this respect and ask for consultations with those in charge in the area of economic policies.

“For 2018, it is obvious that the attention must be placed on the business environment, which has been recently confronted with the most unnatural challenges in terms of the economic measures quality and predictability. I assure you I am updated on the concerns and difficulties that the business environment is facing. In this respect, I will draw the new government’s attention as well, same as I have done each time, on the responsibility of the political decision-makers to above all ensure Romania’s economic stability. The future government must understand how important it is not to endanger through imprudent policies and hazardous measures the fiscal sustainability and Romania’s long-term development potential. In this respect, I will discuss with the new government and ask for consultations with those in charge in the area of economic policies so that there are guarantees of stability from the government,” the head of state said at the reception organised at the Parliament by the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He showed he wants a health economy that needs to be benefiting from ”responsible governance with predictable policies, so that today’s benefits don’t become illusory tomorrow or impose undeserved costs for the future generations.”

“I hope that, through good-faith, transparency and open dialogue with the political decision makers, the business environment will manage to support its priorities and consolidate its achievements,” Iohannis said.

President Iohannis pointed out that in 2017 Romania’s economy registered a record growth rate in the European Union, however these figures, unfortunately, don’t reflect the quality of the economic policies, the progress of the business environment being rather obtained in spite of these policies.


Source: Presidential Administration.


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