Romania: PSD interior instability threatens country economic growth

By the end of this year, Romania is set to become the largest economy in the Balkans – but experts warn that if political instability continues, it will struggle to maintain the current momentum.

After a prolonged recession caused mainly by lack of key reforms aimed at slashing public spending, Romania’s economy has improved markedly in recent years.

However, growth is now threatened by political instability and the conflicting economic policies of the government, local and international experts, as well as businessmen and investors say.

“The economic context has improved, and my company faces a good situation compared to five or six years ago, as we have enough orders from the customers, so we could even employ more people,” says Bogdan Constantinescu, owner of a medium-size printing house in Bucharest.

“But I do not have high hopes for the near future as Romania seems to be entering a period of political instability and impulsive economic moves might also have a negative impact,” Constantinescu added.


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